Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A Kalilily Retrospective

As I poke around this old homestead, I'm uncovering some pieces that I like that I wrote once upon a kalilily time. So here are a few to link to if you have nothing better to do.

Like this early one about the blog as the village water pump.

And this on a little history.

This about Sybil and Cybill.

This on faith and fairies and the Sisters of the Blog.

This on Crone magic.

This on planting grave-sized gardens.

This on living and dying and blogging.

This ondancing with my shadow.

Or this on the digital divide.

Or this on a poet I know.

Or this on having no political power.

On blogging as journalism.

On being an elitist.

On becoming a feminist.

On Sci Fi and me

On Jezebel as feminist.

On gods and daemons.

On my un-scholarly, heterosexual, female chauvinist opinion about Camille Paglia.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it turns out that my mom has to have by-pass surgery on her leg before she can have corrective surgery on her foot. The by-pass is not advisable, so the corrective is impossible. Now we have to come up with a Plan B.

And, if anyone reading this knows what Blogger time zone I'm in on the East Coast, I'd love to know so that I can set my post time correctly. I can't figure out where I fit in all the choices that they give. Nothing says plain old Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Everything Leaks

I read that yesterday somewhere over at Jeneane's but now I can't find the place where she posted it and she got it from someone else anyway.

At the moment, my home blog at has leaked somewhere into the virtual space over Portland, Oregon, where my son b!X has his server and where resides. He's on his back-up blog as well.

So, consider this my vacation home-away-from-home. It's pretty rustic here -- no comments. At least not at the moment. I have to find the time to go and read through the full-topic index here at Blogger and figure out how to do some of the things I take for granted over at the MT site.

And now, I'm off to take my mother to the vascular surgeon to find out the results of the MRI she had last week to determine why she has 50% circulation in one leg (which, it seems, is why a sore is not healing). And so it goes.