Wednesday, June 26, 2002

The Crone Has Flown

Goodbye Blogger. Goodbye Ev. Goodbye old template. Goodbye old posts. Goodbye old archves. Goodbye old comments. Goodbye old URL.

The Crone has flown to Movable Type and her own domain on the coat tails of theonetruebix and his Spartaneity Project.

So, link to me now at

Or else....

Consensual Amnesia (Why Dissent Matters)
I have a hard time keeping up with the pithy (no, I'm not lisping) stuff that b!X is tossing into his blog these days. But his intensity makes in unnecessary for me to blog about the depressing and oppressing tenor of the times. All I have to do is link you back to him. So that's what I'm doing to clue you in about the illegality of the pledge of allegiance, here and here; the citizen rebellion in Northampton, Massachusetts; and the environmental tragedy of progress.

And while he's running virtually around to gather all of that crictical citizen information, he's also been working on revving up, with my new blog as the current project. So, watch for the Crone's Grand Re-opening in MT, coming soon to a screen near you.

And, by the way, forget Aunt Sally, Rage Boy. The Crone is three for three.)