Friday, June 21, 2002

Holy Halley!

I'm back from my trek to the Maine shore, where the highlight was a chatty day spent with Halley Suitt, walking on the beach, analyzing sea weed, reading Tarot cards, and doing some major Blog Sister bonding. It was pretty windy on the beach that day, but it was Halley who really blew me away with her amazing energy -- both head and heart -- and her genuine openness to whatever life throws her way. I have always liked what she says in her blog; what's even better is how she says it all in person.

The rest of the week was just what I intended -- lots of beach time (yes, Maren, I did wear lots of sunblock), quick reads through a couple of sexy mystery novels, and hours of just doing absolutely nothing. The bright half-moon meandered past my bedroom window each night, and clear blue skies woke me each morning. The real beach season started today, so even the beach time was peaceful, wrapped in the hushed rushes of Maine's mini-waves.

Tonight's the Solstice, and I've just finished painting a t-shirt for b!X with an image of the Sri Yantra. Now it sits with a major crystal -- progammed by Marcel Vogel himself -- holding its center, waiting for the full moon on Monday, when the ritual will be completed. All together now, everyone chant -- "Om Namah Sivaya."

Very often asserting the power of intention for someone's benefit doesn't bring to that person what he/she thinks he/she wants. What it usually brings is the wherewithall to help that person get what he/she needs. So it seems it is with Mike Golby; so, I suppose it is with Chris Locke. Or maybe not. And so, I imagine, it will be with b!X. Or maybe not. As with the saving of Tinkerbell, magic only works if you believe.