Thursday, June 06, 2002

The Moon Moves On
While my ritual magic seems to have had some effect on RageBoy, we have yet to know the total result. I believe it will be for his good; I think it already is. He's finding his way through the gate. No need to worry. It will be good. He will be back, better than ever.

In the meanwhile, there's more magic to be done. This time for Mike Golby. He knows it's coming. He's ready. I will be getting ready for the New Moon, which sits dark in the sky on June 10th. New Moon. Dark Moon. Emptiness. The Void that is the beginning.

I will make magic for Mike who waits in darkness half-way around the circle. I will conjure the words that will move the moon. You will see. You will see.
The Crone goes South Park

A is for AKMA
I have to admit that clerics are not usually among my favorite people, but over the course of my blogging life, AKMA has continued to earn my respect and admiration (even though sometimes his prose gets a little too intellectual for my preferences). He's able to balance the courage of his convictions with a heartfelt curiosity about how others view the larger issues that shape the convictions of those who populate the rest of the thinking world.

One more reason to like AKMA: he's accepted my humble application and named me Crone in Residence -- Purveyor of Eclectic Mysticism and Rhetorical Ritual at the ubiquitous University of Blogaria. I now can die happy.

Current reason to like AKMA: he's begun a discussion of "identity" -- If nothing else, "identity" serves as a principle of continuity that binds together the cute little baby, the uncouth adolescent lout, the aging-gracefully professor, and (what I hope will be) the white-haired nonagenarian. We customarily talk about this continuity as the subject's identity--who he or she really is.

My ex-husband used to criticize me for being like an onion -- layers upon layers, but nothing at the core. I think, perhaps he saw that "core" as being a person's fundamental identity and the layers being the roles that one plays.

I never agreed with him, although neither have I ever been able to identify what IS at my "core." Publicly and privately, I identify myself as caregiver, cybermom, crone -- dancer, writer, feminist -- activist, spiritual seeker. (notice the "8")

I recently discovered the Kali Yantra:

Like a mantra, a yantra is meant as a focus for meditation. To me, The Kali Yantra "images" my identity, which is the interplay of all of its essesntial pieces.

The square with its four entrance portals represents the boundaries enclosing the meditating self as well as symbolizing the earth element and the material quality of nature. The [notice the 8] lotus petals express the different stages of spiritual expansion. The circle is the symbol of wholeness and the downward pointing triangle represents the seat of feminine energy. (quoted from here)

At the core of my identity -- the essential female energy. But my identity is the whole ever bloomin' thing.
Ya' gotta luv the guy....
b!X as a South Park character.
What the....?
Big storms over here last night, growling in from the west. Everywhere but right where I am (where there was hard rain), hail, funnel clouds, lightning at a flash per second. The gates opened. Power drained from the firmament into the earth.

Then I do my usual morning check in and discover RageBoy's posts from last night. (This is where I usually do my heehee cacklecackle, but not this time; this is very serious magic.) Keep on dancin' through the gate, RB. The tribes are with ya'.