Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Polyanna or Pronoiac?
Rob Breszny, the non-linear purveyor of reams of abstruse astrological advice is inviting us all to look on the bright side. His recent newsletter makes this announcement:

On my new Web site, which will debut in a few weeks, I will have a section devoted to "Pronoiac News." (Pronoia, for those of you who're new to our community, is the opposite of paranoia. It's the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.) I invite all of you out there to share with me (and all of us) the interesting, invigorating, intellectually- and emotionally-stimulating pronoiac news that you stumble upon in your travels. Send it to ....... Please feel free, too, to take up the cause of zoom and boom as you resist the practitioners of doom and gloom in your own sphere. Let this be our battle cry: WE DEMAND EQUAL TIME FOR NEWS ABOUT REDEMPTION AND INTEGRITY AND JOY AND BEAUTY AND PLEASURE AND RENEWAL AND HARMONY AND LOVE.

And this is his astrology reading for me for this week:
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Your key symbols for the coming days: a night-sea crossing; Jonah in the belly of the whale; a treasure chest dislodged from its hiding place in the earth by a flood. Most reliable source of information: your dreams. Totemic animal: octopus. Special number: 44. Secret password: *superconductor.* Methods for building soul power: taking ritual baths; being naked for hours; singing songs you consider sacred. Inspirational role model: Dante Alighieri on his way out of the Inferno. Pop culture book likely to be most helpful: Joseph Campbell's *Hero with a Thousand Faces.*

Well, I read Campbell's book ages ago. I recently recalled a Motherpeace Tarot reading I had years ago that brought out the eight of discs as the card that reflected my fundamental modus operandi. I remember it as an octopus juggling eight discs. Still sounds about right. Four and four is eight. So far, so good. Ritual baths and getting naked? Well, metaphorically, anyway. Superconductor? Why not. Out of the Inferno? Don't I wish. We'll see about the rest.
b!X is alive and well (well, alive, anyway) and blogging again.
So, in case you gave up checking in on lately, try again. He's re-surfaced. And that's good because now he won't be sending me all those URLs on issues that ought to be blogged. He does a much better job at that anyway.
Confessions of the Bombshell Barrister
It's Denise Howell's turn on Frank Paynter's hot seat, and she proves just how cool she really is. Go here for the whole Howell scoop as she unpacks her Bag and Baggage.
Now that's a really good rap
Thanks to a pointer from b!X to this account of a protest in NYC, where
Ten people, including singer Wyclef Jean, were arrested as thousands of teachers and students turned out for a rally to hear hip-hop stars and politicians denounce proposed cuts in New York City school funding......The rally, which police say attracted some 20,000 school children, was organized by the United Federation of Teachers and the Hip Hop Summit Action Network, a group organized by rap impresario Russell Simmons.

Bloomberg and his crew are sooooo clueless about the real impoverished world. Shame, shame on the Big Applelites for electing someone like him as their advocate and leader. Noting the number of students at the rally, Bloomberg spokesman Ed Skyler said he hoped teachers had not allowed students to cut class for the afternoon rally. Like, THIS is the only thing these well-heeled idiots could think of to say? What world do they live in? Good for those teachers who risked standing up and being counted on behalf of their students. Rap. Rap. Rap 'em a good one for me.
The Other Side of Bombast
Chris Locke shadowdances through the mirror and shows us the other side of Bombast. It's Beauty. Beauty of heart. Again, he has proven himself truly a man for all seasons. Out of the silence, he shares a liberating soulfulness that is always there but not always shared.

I think now of one of the most influential books (for me) that I've ever read: Rollo May's The Courage to Create. The courage to share a deep and authentic humanity.

(And, who is to say but that our little ritual didn't contribute to this open-handed offering, this RageBoy resurrection. heehee cacklecackle.) The Crone is not done yet. Mike Golby, get ready for some major Crone magic.