Saturday, June 01, 2002

Oh ye of little faith....
Some things take time -- love, tomatoes, grandsons, magic. Some things take a special space -- same list. Halley surfaced on her blog last night long enough to remind us that "it ain't over 'til it's over." So please remember that about RageBoy's silence as well.

So, it seems that you can be sure that Blog Sisters will be the place to be this summer. Halley has explained why she's vowing to keep the cauldron stirred over there. Jennifer Balderama just officially joined the BSisterhood with her first post. We've got Andrea and Anita and Sheri E and Mare and Tish and Esta and Gina -- and growing numbers (close to 100) of other incredibly savvy Sisters -- voicing, voicing, voicing; and, of course, Denise -- who is Frank Paynter's next interviewee -- is one of the earliest and dearest of them all. And Jeneane and I -- well, heh, we just never shut down or shut up.

Now, as far as you men are concerned, while you're not allowed into the inner sanctum, if you're brave and pure and loving (like Marek J.), you can Comment.

And, just to reassure Halley and anyone else who is still wondering, if I am a witch (which I have never said I am), I'M A GOOD WITCH. GOOD. GOOD. MMMMM MMMMM GOOD.

If you believe in faeries, clap. Keep Tinkerbell alive.
There is a group of women with whom I've been friends for more than a decade. On Tuesday, I will be attending an event at the offices of the New York State Bar Association in recognition of one of them, a lawyer who is receiving an Award for Excellence in Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare.

I met Joan Byalin when she was dating one of my ex-boyfriends. They broke up but we became good friends because we had so much in common. (Of course, that makes sense. He liked the same qualities in both of us.) Not only is she a great lawyer, but she's an amazing quilter, who -- until very recently when she finally bought a sewing machine -- constructed her quilts by hand. Her designs are built around vibrant Mexican colors and original, non-traditional patterns that sort of evolve as she goes. She is making a quilt for my soon-to-be grandson, and I can't wait to see it.

Among the other women in my group are an accountant who gardens, a parole officer who sings, a mail carrier who's a psychic, and an environmental specialist who does Fung Shui. Add Joan the lawyer-quilter and me the educator-blogger, and we've always figured that if they would just let us run the country, we would have just about every public sphere covered and do a better job than the people who are doing it now. Plus, we all collaborate very easily, share information readily, and know how to do rituals to bend the universe. (heh)