Monday, April 08, 2002

In response to Mike’s request for support for Meryl, I offer this litany:
I will do everything in my power to make sure that there are
no more holocausts
no more racism
no more bigotry
no more ethnic cleansing
no more genocide
no more economic slavery
no more religious persecution
no more terrorism
no more dogmatism
no more sexism
no more national chauvinism
and most of all
no more holocausts
Voices from The Blog:
For some reason, during the past week there have been a series of eloquent and loving tributes to parents and grandparents as they age and begin to leave us behind. I linked to Jeneane’s below, and there are others that I was so glad I found, posted by Halley and Heather and Barbara and Lisanne.

And Esta posted some touching verbal family snapshots taken from a younger, brighter perspective. Here are two that I particularly liked:
-- Mastering the chain stitch, and feeling the instincts of several generations awakening in my fingers.
--The two women after whom I was named running all over my house and exclaiming with delight over it.

And I found this ingenious way of sharing books and connections as a result of linking over to Willa’s site. She got it from Tish. Love that blogrolling.!