Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Life is like a beanstalk. Isn't it?

Mike Sanders doesn’t even flinch when he openly asks two of the three biggest questions of human existence. (The other, of course, is “What do women really want?) He asks:
1) What is the meaning of life? Is it one great accident, or was the world created by a creator with purpose?
2) Is there such a thing as a soul, which is not physical, and therefore can exist after life in this world ends?

#1. Heh. Forty-five years ago, as a senior year of Sacred Heart High School, I had to take a course in “Apologetics,” which is “the branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines.” In that course, we learned several “proofs” for the existence of God, which, after 45 years I have totally forgotten. However, when I went to college the next year and had to give a “persuasive speech,” I chose to do it on proving the existence of God. Lucky for me, my professor was an old-time Catholic. She gave me an “A.”

Over these many years of readings, conversations, introspection, and contemplation, I have come to my personal conclusion that (a) life has no purpose other than what we each individually choose to give it, and (b) there is no “Creator” and, more importantly it doesn’t matter whether there is or not because of (a).

#2. I have posted on this before in a blogversation about "death" on Blogsisters. Here’s what I said:
I don't believe in heaven or hell or even that "I" as Elaine will continue somewhere after I'm gone. What I like to imagine is that, since energy supposedly can't be created or destroyed, when "I" die, the energy that animates me will return to the cosmos in millions of tiny particles, and those particles of energy will eventually be shared among all kinds of growing things that will have lives of their own. If that's true, pieces of me go on forever. (And maybe that's what reincarnation really is.)

I also believe, as Steve Himmer blogs, we also live on in the legacies we leave: children, memories (and their evolution in legends and myths about us), our creative products.

So, I’ve got it all figured out (at least in terms of my own tenure on this fragile planet). Well, not exactly all. I haven't yet figured out how to stop blogging and get to bed before 11 p.m.
Life is Magical
..strange/ don't you think I'm looking older?/ but something good has happened to me/ change is a stranger/ you have yet to know.. -- from "Older," George Michael's album title song

I just love synchronicities.

I have no idea why Steve Himmer titles his post "The back of George Michael's jacket," but I just bought George Michael's Older CD after having had it used as the music in my NIA dance/exercise class. I really didn't know much about George Michael before this. So, as I'm playing my new George Michael CD, I'm reading Steve Himmer's post (in which he refers to my last post), the title of which cites George Michael. Totally unconnected events totally connecting meaningfully

I just love life's magical synchronicities.